As much as fear can be destructive, it can also be stimulating and attractive. An encounter with the new and unknown, the challenges and adventures, life changes, the confrontation with fear which we turn into curiosity, into satisfaction and happiness, can make room for a better relationship with the world and ourselves. Fear encourages us to learn, to overcome life’s obstacles. Overcoming fear leads to freedom over the powerful and threatening, it creates a feeling of pleasure and attraction, generates a belief that we have control over it. Or it is simply a way to achieve some higher goal, significant not only for the individual but for society.

Firefighting equipment. Fire Brigade Pula, XXI sec.

Diving equipment. Josip Tomišin – Bepo (Diving Club Loligo, Vodnjan), propriety, diver from 1977.

Mountain climbing gear. End 20th – begin. 21st. cent., Alpine Society “Glas Istre”, Pula

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